Catholic Justice and Peace

Catholic Justice and Peace

The Nakuru Diocese Catholic Justice and Peace Commission (CJPD) was established in April 1991 as an offshoot of the National Catholic Justice and Peace Commission which was launched in Kenya on 1st January 1988 by the Kenya Episcopal Conference.

Nakuru Diocese Catholic has nine (9) deaneries with 61 parishes, 139 priests (86 diocesans, 37 missionaries), 26 Religious Brothers, 173 Religious Sisters, 38 seminarians, and 630 catechists. The CDN covers the counties of Nakuru and Baringo. The boundaries of CDN and its parishes are not necessarily identical to the counties and sub- county’s administrative structure.

Catholic Justice and Peace Commission (CJPC) is a Programme of the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru that covers an extensive area, which includes the administrative counties of Nakuru and Baringo.  This area is characterized by ethnic diversities, which gives CJPC a rich mix of beneficiaries as their target group.

The Catholic Justice and Peace Commission Nakuru’s mission is guided by the Nakuru Diocese Catholic vision which is endeavoring “A community of Love where every person is dignified”. CJPC’s principles and values are guided by Catholic dogmas and have their roots and mandate in the Bible and the Social Teachings of the Church.  Its mission is thus:


To promote peoples development, advocate and advance a holistic approach towards social justice through the social teaching of the Catholic Church together with civic education, peace building and conflict transformation with the community

Core Values

1) Human dignity – Respect for God‘s image and likeness in human life.

2) Inclusivity

3) Transparency

4) Accountability

5) Solidarity

6) Subsidiarity

CJPC’s mission is guided by five Key Strategic areas;

  1. The Great Commission of Faith
  2. Peace Building and Conflict Transformation
  3. Civic Education and Human Rights Advocacy
  4. Institutional Capacity Development of CJPC
  5. Networking and Collaboration

CJPC works through the parish CJPC parish committees as an entry point to the community.  The CJPC parish structures serve as referral centers for CJPC in an effort to decentralize the delivery of its services to the community of the Diocese of Nakuru.  These structures are manned by committees led by Commissioners in consultations with respective Parish Priests. 

CJPC Structure and Staffing

At the Diocesan Secretariat; CJPC has staffing that includes a professional cadre of:

  1. Executive Secretary
  2. Projects Officer
  3. Two Community Animators
  4. Administrative Assistant
  5. Civil Peace Advisor