Apostolate to Children – PMC



The Society of the Holy Childhood/PMC was officially started in  France in 1843 by Bishop Charles De Forbin Janson. In  the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru, it was introduced for the first time in the year 1997 at Holy Cross parish Shabab through the great missionary effort of Mr. Raphael Charles Opata, with over six hundred children joining as members for the first time. Since then, the number of the PMC children has increased tremendously. Today, the society is present in forty seven (47) parishes in the Diocese.

PMC is organized in such a way that it has International Office in Rome, National Office in each country and local Office in each Diocese. The Society focuses on the spiritual, human and social formation for children of primary school age.


It aims at fostering Christian faith and missionary formation of children and to help them take their responsibility in the Church as missionaries.  The objectives are:

  • To teach the Catholic faith to all Children and to safeguard their rights.
  • To stimulate in children the spirit of prayer and generosity.
  • To help children to proclaim the Gospel to other children through their work of charity and providing material help to those most needy.

In the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru, we have three events at the Diocesan level that bring children of different parishes together, namely:

  1. The Diocesan PMC thanksgiving Mass with the Bishop which usually takes place in the month of November each year. It is during this occasion that all children take the opportunity to present their missionary tins with their contributions and donations of food stuffs to help the needy children. This is in line with their Motto: Children Helping Children.”
  2. The Diocesan PMC pilgrimage to Marian Shrine Subukia which normally happens during April school holidays each year. During this occasion, children are sensitized to pray for the salvation of the poor and abandoned children all over the world. The members are encouraged to pray at least one Hail Mary every day and to offer small sacrifices for the needy children in the society.
  3. The Diocesan PMC Music Festivals, which usually takes place in the month of October each year. This is to nurture and promote different talents in children. During this occasion, children take the opportunity to evangelize their fellow children through music, poems and drama.